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BBC Horizon What's Killing Our Bees
BBC Documentary Who Killed The Honey Bee
Giant Killer Bees - Paranormal Documentary
Bees Tales From The Hive 2000
PBS Nature - Silence of the Bees 2007
Silence of the Bees
Inside the life of the Honeybee
Life Cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite
Mutant Bees are Invading America
Honey Bee Documentary
Honey bees - Natural History 1
Honey bees - Natural History 2

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Starting a New Bee Hive
Starting new bee hive
Installing Package Bees

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Bienen - Ein Volk und seine Königin

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Insemination process for queen bees

        Colivia Jenter:
Karl Jenter - The Progress in the Queen Bee Breeding

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120 Frame Honey Extracting Line
Extracting Honey at Lee's Bees of Texas With Cowen 60 Frame